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eliminate solid waste

plastic, rubber, and other harmful materials take hundreds of years to break down in the ecosystem. Not only do they harm nature and animals, but natural sand-lines and coasts are deeply affected. opt for reusables and non-plastic options, pick up all trash and make sure to recycle. 

protecting the ecosystem

Using beach-friendly trails, leaving sea-shells where they are and even changing your sunscreen are all small and simple ways to protect the beach. Volunteer for a trash pick-up, support local beach charities, and even get your council member involved.


being responsible

Invest in beach friendly products that you can reuse. i.e. reusable water bottles, reef-safe sunscreen, and sand cloud towels. Every small detail helps.

Get the essentials you need to be AN eco-conscious BEACH VISITOR
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beach revitalization 

With the overpopulation of the major beaches, there has been an increase in beach pollution and waste. And as community of people who love nature and all that it has to offer, we hope to protect these beautiful coast lines and natural creations. Our fun doesn't have to come at an environmental price. These unsafe and harmful practices has affected the environment so much that there is a huge risk to the future of beaches. Join us to take actions and do your part in preserving the beauty of the world.
happiness comes in waves, protect them!