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Defining the Guest Experience Through Technology

Posted by Jonathan Mendez on Apr 14, 2019 8:12:16 PM

 You may have been guided here because you are interested in the hospitality space, new technologies, or guest experience! Whether you are a Hotelier or a Hotel Manager, it is always important to be on top of the game when it comes to hotel experience. In the hotel space, guest experience can truly define a brand and property. Check out Luxury Hoteliers to learn more about what the importance of Innovation in the guest experience space. With the world moving faster than ever before, and people having access to information faster than before, it is critical for hotels to know what their guests want and are searching for in a guest experience. If you don’t know how to integrate technology into guest experience here are some questions to get you started!

  1. Who is your customer segment?
  2. What kind of hotel are you and what makes you different?
  3. What are areas in which your hotel guests are looking for more?
  4. Which areas do you think could make the hotel stand out/unique?
  5. What areas of the guest experience do you think are missing the WOW factor?
  6. Can technology help bring this WOW experience to guests?


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